Can Exercise Damage Your Teeth? | Dentist in Westampton

Staying active is vital for overall health, but could it potentially harm our teeth? Research indicates that exercise and fitness routines may contribute to increased dental decay and tooth erosion. Here’s how exercise can impact oral health:

Decreased Saliva Flow:
Heavy breathing through the mouth during exercise can lead to reduced saliva production, causing dryness in the mouth. Saliva contains essential minerals that combat bacteria, safeguard tooth enamel, and prevent decay. To counteract dry mouth-induced decay, practice breathing through the nose during exercise and stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, and after your workout. Additionally, brushing your teeth before exercising can help reduce the presence of bacteria and plaque.

Jaw Clenching:
Athletes often clench their jaws while exerting themselves, particularly during weightlifting. This pressure can lead to tooth wear and even fractures. To shield your teeth from clenching-related damage, consider using a mouthguard. These protective devices are available at most drugstores or sporting goods stores, or our dentist at Almore Dental Studio, your trusted Dentist in Westampton, can craft a custom-fitted mouthguard for optimal protection.

Consumption of Sports Drinks:
Research indicates that sugary sports drinks can be significantly erosive to teeth, up to 30 times more than water. The citric acid they contain can weaken tooth enamel to the extent that brushing may cause damage. Drinking sugary liquids in small, frequent sips can heighten the risk of tooth decay. Opting for water over sports drinks can mitigate these adverse effects on dental health. If you choose to consume sports drinks, avoid drinking them in small increments over an extended period, rinse your mouth with water afterward, and refrain from brushing immediately after consumption.

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